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Appletree Medical Group at 356 Woodroffe Ave Ottawa, ON K2A 4E2 Woodroffe Avenue in Ottawa, Ontario

Appletree Medical Group in 356 Woodroffe Ave Ottawa, ON K2A 4E2 Woodroffe Avenue, Ontario: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

Phone: +1 613-482-0118


356 Woodroffe Ave Ottawa, ON K2A 4E2 Woodroffe Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 4E2
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    I checked in at 5.20 using the checkin booth. At 5.35 after seeing that I was the only person left I asked the receptionist to confirm my registration. She told me that I had registered with the wrong doctor because he's a dermatologist and that my issue is not skin related (how could I know this? No such information anywhere in the sign up, and the system accepted my registration despite asking me what my problem is, not to mention there was nobody at the reception when I signed up) and that I should have selected tele-medecine. When I asked my registration to be transferred to tele-medecine, she told me that registration was closed (nevermind that I had registered BEFORE tele medicine registration it was closed!). When I asked why I wasn't notified that my registration was wrong she told me the dermatologist I signed up with had left (that is relevant how? And why did he leave without notifying me??). She clearly suggested this situation was my fault. No accountability and blaming your customers for your own mistakes, and then not correcting them. I've got some kind of lung issue (bronchitis maybe) but because of this incompetent and complacent branch I now can't see a doctor today.
    by Guillaume Perrault Archambault
    November 09, 2017
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    I had a 1:00 appointment. I arrived at 12:45 and couldn't check in on the kiosk, so I stepped to reception to check in. I proceeded to wait until 1:20 before anyone came to the reception desk. I was then told that she couldn't check me in because I was late for my appointment, never mind that I'd stood there for 40 minutes. They directed me to another apple tree where I could be seen, stating that there was only a 40 minute wait. When I got to that one (2573 Baseline), they weren't accepting anymore check ins, but when I explained the situation they saw me and I was in and out in 30 minutes.
    by Jen Lawatsch
    December 17, 2016
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About Appletree Medical Group in Ottawa

Appletree Medical Group is located at 356 Woodroffe Ave Ottawa, ON K2A 4E2 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario.